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Table of adult measures

Tabla de medida para adultos
Tabla de medida para adultos



What suit would make us look better, a custom suit or an adjustable standard suit? Surely we all come to the same conclusion, certainly "A MEASURE". Everything that this measure always feels better because logically it is ergonomically better coupled with our morphology and when you put on a tailor-made boot for the first time, it stays like a glove, as they say, and why it will be ?. Simply because all craftsmanship based on specific measures is mathematically accurate. So we could summarize that the best dressage boot or the best jump boot will be the one that fits the best and most ergonomically to us, with the guarantee that it is not viable deformation over time.


How to take the measurements?
Measures that are not within these tables are considered special measures. The measurements will be taken by another person, with a flexible tape measure, will be taken in centimeters, without squeezing the tape measure on the legs to fit the entire contour of your leg. . Measurements will be taken in socks and riding pants, in a riding position. For the measurement of feet, take a normal A4 folio paper and draw the silhouette of the foot without tilting the pencil, then measure the long distance between the heel and the big toe, measure the width of both feet by the widest part of the foot in The front part surrounding the foot with the tape measure. It will also take the measurement from the heel to the instep. The heel measure the leg will be slightly bent in the assembled position.

The measure heel we will measure it giving the maximum height that allows us since the boots when taller taller.

Table young measures


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The problem that when cleaning and giving the fat that is used in the maintenance of the boots the customers who use the boot in a professional way recommended us that the boots of high quality will carry the threads of the skin color, because in the Cases that the thread takes a different color from the skin after a few cleaned all the thread inevitably becomes dirty the color of the fat And the boot is left with the thread in some places of the boot in original color and in others Places to get dirty the thread looks bad, given these opinions our technicians decided that henceforth the high-end boots would carry the threads of the seams of the color of the skin, since they are boots that will last several years a priori And only in the case of children's boots can they carry yarn of another color.