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Modelo Valencia Profesional 299€
Modelo Valencia amateur 200€



Model Valencia

The Valencia model we can do it with special soles for professionals or normal soles for amateurs.

The Valencia model boots can be made in both amateur and professional dressage, the only thing that changes is the special sole, the same sole as the Calpe and Benidorm brothers models Made in cowhide 1st whole flower or natural flower that allows them transpirar to the boot, skin with all the properties and advantages of high quality cowhide leather, are composed of double non-slip hard rubber sole, to prevent the estrivo from slipping. Stylish and very comfortable boots to wear, as well as to put on and take off when you have the zipper on the back of the boot. Rear zipper, one of the toughest in the European market, resistant for long hours of training.

All boots have an inner lining of leather from the toes to the hamstring "as if wearing two boots in one". All the models of boots are glued and have a special stitching to the sole.

Comfort and elegance in boots


Black, Brown in different shades, Hazelnut, Brown, Brown, Bordeaux, Gray and Blue.

Portes included in peninsula.




When quality, tradition and comfort come together in a shoe.

All these orders are individualized and born from the hands of one of our expert craftsmen, following the manufacturing process that we explain below: This begins with the selection of the skin, which gives way to the molding that gives shape to the shoe model . Subsequently proceed to the aparado (with which all parts are sewn, leaving them together) and finally put the sole. When this process is over, we start to beautify the shoe, taking care of all the details.

Today and after a lot of work, we use the Good-Year system for the manufacture of our footwear, which consists of the double stitching and shoe seam, that is, sewing the sole to the sole and the shoe in turn. get a perfect union. This system makes our footwear comfortable, flexible and resistant, thus providing the highest quality for our customers, both national and international.
Black, brown in different shades, hazel, brown, Burgundy chestnut and blue. All special measures have a plus of € 25 in the price, as do the numbers from 45 to 47.
To place an order
In the e-mail. It will indicate the model of boot that you want as well as, name, surnames, telephone, address and zip code. We will send you some templates indicating the points where to take the measures that you filled out. The measurements will be taken by another person in riding position with socks and riding pants. Currently the period of realization and shipping of the boots is from 18 to 24 working days.
The budget of the boots will be given once the measurements are reviewed.



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Las botas mas adecuadas

In order to meet the suggestions of our customers on the problem that when cleaning and give the grease that is used in the maintenance of the boots. Customers who use the boot professionally recommended that high-quality boots will carry the threads of the color of the skin because in the cases that the thread has a different color from the skin after a few cleaned all the thread of inevitably the color of the grease gets dirty and the boot remains with the thread in some places of the boot in original color and in other places when getting dirty the thread looks bad considering these opinions our technicians decided that in the future the boots of high-end would take the threads of the seams of the color of the skin, since they are boots that are going to last several years a priori. Only in the case of children's boots can they carry yarn of another color.