Deer Fur Boots

The real deer skin is smooth and always malleable.

Incorrectly cleaning a garment or a pair of deerskin shoes may end up destroying them. When removing accumulations of dirt, try to do so with mild soap and, in the case of grease stains, with flour or baby talc that helps to absorb them. In no way apply protective waterproof or skin sealants to your items, as it will affect the perspiration of the leather. Remember that one of the main features of deer skin is that it can get wet and dry repeatedly, without suffering any damage.


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The deerskin footwear is ideal for people with callus and bunion problems. These conditions are usually caused by too much pressure in certain areas of the foot. As a defense mechanism, the skin thickens in the affected parts. Because deer leather adapts to size and shape, it is possible to alleviate the pain caused by this condition and sometimes even completely eliminate the problem.

Deer skin is very flexible and extremely soft. It practically conforms to the shape of the foot and body with constant use. In the scale of the most resistant leather it has the third place, so it is still very popular in the making of boots and moccasins.

The deerskin or deer is a very soft and luxurious leather type. It is commonly used in the manufacture of clothing and accessories because of its flexibility, which is conducive to fit parts, both in footwear and clothing. Deer skin is unlike any other type of leather in many respects, which should be considered when purchasing a piece. Keep this in mind so you are sure that you will have the best shopping experience and the most of your investment.


Many people believe that deer skin can withstand anything because it has been used since time immemorial by Native Americans. However, this is not always true. While this is more durable, it is also harder to keep clean because of its softness, compared to cowhide. In addition, it tends to deform after prolonged periods of use although, for this to happen, it will take a lot of time. In general, deerskin is the best choice when comfort is a determining factor and cowhide, when the garments will be in heavy use. If this is your case, keep in mind that both options are durable, but the cow responds best to use.